Is your landlord a member of the National Landlords Association? Is your landlord accredited?

All NLA full members have a current membership identity card which shows both the membership number and registered name.

Our online register of  members will allow you to verify that the landlord is a member of the NLA. If the member is validated you will see a confirmation of membership/accreditation and the NLA Member Logo. 

Please complete the enquiry below to check the membership and accreditation status of your landlord:

Note to NLA Members: In order to comply with GDPR requirements, members are no longer set to appear in the NLA Online Register by default. If you would like to appear in the register, log into your account and select "Show me in the NLA Online Register". If you’re already a member of the NLA and you’re NLA accredited, this will already be noted on the National Register so no further action is required.

Ask your landlord for their Membership number.
Ask your landlord for the registered name.