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Our member Forum will enable you to speak directly to fellow landlords and NLA staff and benefit from their experience. You can ask questions, start discussions or simply reply to others on any number of key subjects, from Housing Benefit and Energy Efficiency to finding the right locksmith in your area. Log in and see for yourself using your membership details.

How do I create a new Topic in the forum?

To create a new Topic in the forum click on the button which will open up the Create Forum Topic panel. Here you will need to specify a title for the Topic, try and be specific with the title, it will help other members identify the topic and it's theme. You will also need to select the forum area the topic is being created in, though this will usually be set. After that just enter your text in the box provided and save when complete.

Your Topic should appear on the Forum list.

How do I post a message in the forum?

To post a message in the Forums click on the Post Reply button on the forum or topic screens.This will open the comment box, add your reply and click 'Publish Comment' when complete.

How do I edit a message in the forum?

You can only edit your own messages in the Forums.

How do I delete a message in the forum?

You can only delete your own messages in the Forums. If you spot something which you think breaches the forums rules or is abusive please alert our moderators to it by clicking the

Can I use HTML in posts

HTML cannot be used in your posts, this is done for security reasons as malicious HTML code can be used to destroy the layout of the forum or even crash a web browser when a user tries to view a post.

What are locked topics?

Locked Topics are set this way by forum administrators or moderators. Once a Topic is locked you will no-longer be able to post a reply in that topic.


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