Be proud of membership: NLA Promoting good relations between landlord and tenant

In a recent survey, over 80% of NLA Members said they would like to be able differentiate themselves from local competition.

We offer a range of promotional support to help you with your lettings business:

  • NLA Membership Card
  • About NLA Information leaflet for Tenants
  • Moving in Folders for Tenants

NLA Membership Card

We hope that members will present the card to any new and existing tenants to demonstrate that they take the business of letting properties seriously and that the NLA represents a symbol of excellence.

"About NLA" - Information for Tenants leaflet

Our goal is to educate tenants about the benefit of using a member of the NLA. This in turn will prompt tenants to look for members the next time they look for a property to rent. This leaflet will explain to the tenant:

  • Why it is important for them to consider using a reputable landlord, and
  • What it means to be a member of the National Landlords Association.

Tenant "Moving in" folder

The folder is designed to hold the many items of paperwork that a landlord often hands over to tenants. These include:

  • The Tenancy Agreement
  • A Deposit Protection Certificate
  • An Inventory Details of emergency contact numbers
  • Whatever else you can fit into it!

Invite tenants to verify that you are a member!

Our online register of members will allow others to verify that you are a member of the NLA.

  • It's a great promotional tool to distance yourself from rogue landlords.
  • No personal details are revealed.