Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance

What is landlord insurance and what does it cover?

Our landlord insurance accommodates for housing benefit tenants, students, houses in multiple occupation and working tenants with no difference in cover or price.

  • NLA Members save 30% on Standard policies and 15% Superior policies 
  • Flexible cover that enables you to add properties to an existing policy at any time, giving you one renewal date
  • All property types considered – freehold houses to leasehold flats

The benefits of landlord insurance from the NLA

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Our landlord insurance covers...

Buildings cover

Both our Standard and Superior landlord insurance policies cover structural damage to buildings caused by fire, flood and storm damage. Our Superior policy also covers theft, accidental damage or malicious damage by tenants and their guests at no extra cost, giving you piece of mind that you’re insured for damage, be it by theft, accident or malice. We also provide full buildings cover between tenancies for up to 90 days.

Contents cover

Our landlord contents insurance will ensure that you’re not left out of pocket if the worst should happen to your furnishings in your rental property. Our Superior policy also includes malicious damage, theft by tenants and their guests and even extends to gardening equipment as standard.

Cover loss of rent

Both of our policies include insurance for loss of rent, or for providing alternative accommodation (30% of buildings sum insured on the Superior policy, and 20% of buildings sum insured on the Standard policy) to cover any eventuality where your property becomes non-tenantable for your tenants following a valid insurance claim.

Accidental damage cover

Accidents happen, and by their very nature they’re impossible to prevent completely. Our Superior policy covers accidental damage by tenants and their guests for buildings should they accidentally leave the taps running or put their foot through the ceiling.

No two buy-to-let policies are the same

As a landlord, your rental property is a huge investment and protecting it against the unthinkable is essential. Whether you are renting a property to a single tenant or a house in multiple occupation, it is important to make sure that you are fully protected.

Standard home insurance isn’t designed for rental properties – you need specialist landlord insurance that will provide cover whether your property is vandalised or damaged by a flood. With so many types of landlord policies available, finding the right policy with the right level of cover can be difficult, especially as no two policies are the same. 

NLA Property Insurance was created to meet the needs of landlords by offering two simple policies – Superior and Standard. Both policies have been designed to give you the peace of mind that you are covered if the worst should happen. We offer easy to understand insurance for landlords without sacrificing high quality buy-to-let cover, or a great price.

Landlord insurance FAQs

What does landlord insurance cover?

Landlord insurance is an insurance policy that covers a landlord from financial losses connected with their rental property. It typically offers a range of different covers grouped into one policy to provide comprehensive protection for landlords.

Landlord insurance will usually cover your buildings and contents for accidental damage such as a broken window or a sink that has come away from the wall, theft by forced entry, full cover between tenancies, trace and access and theft of keys or replacement locks.

Landlord insurance will also provide cover for loss of rent or alternative accommodation in the event that your property is non-tenantable and property owner’s liability to cover you for things like an injury at the property or damage to possessions.

A more comprehensive policy will offer cover such as malicious damage by tenants, removal of nests, landlords’ gardening equipment and outbuilding cover, denial of access cover and employer’s liability cover.

Do I have to have landlord insurance?

There’s no legal obligation for a landlord to take out a dedicated insurance policy. However, a standard home insurance policy isn’t designed for rental properties – you need specialist landlord insurance that will provide you with adequate cover in the event that your property is vandalised or your tenant is injured on your property.

Why do I need landlord’s insurance?

Although landlord’s insurance isn’t compulsory, a dedicated policy for landlords will provide specific cover for your rental property. Landlord’s insurance will cover you for many of the same things that your home insurance does but it will also cover the risks that come with a buy to let such as buildings, contents and loss of rent cover.

How much does landlord insurance cost?

The cost of your landlord insurance depends on the level of risk your property presents. Factors that can influence the cost of your landlord insurance include the type of property, property location, the level of cover you need, any extras such as employer’s lability cover and claims history.