What is NLA Accreditation?

Accreditation of landlords has been a feature of the private rented sector for more than 15 years. It is the certification that a product or service has been evaluated independently and meets an agreed standard.

Accreditation is becoming increasingly important and has been adopted by councils as a way of ensuring that goods and services are safe within the private rented sector. Councils often base their accreditation schemes on property inspections, awarding the landlord with accredited status once a percentage of their properties have been inspected. NLA Accreditation is purely based on landlord development and good management practice. We recognise the commitment to best practise and a professional standard of management that accredited landlords can operate across their stock.  It is a national scheme which offers greater consistency for all landlords, tenants and councils to recognise. 

NLA Accreditation is a clear simple means of demonstrating to tenants and others that you are a professional landlord.  Some local authorities offer discounts, such as reductions to HMO and Selective Licence fees, to accredited landlords. 

How do I achieve NLA accredited status?

There are three ways that you can become acccredited with the NLA :

1) Complete our one-day attendance-based NLA foundation course. Our courses are facilitated across the UK. To find your nearest course visit our events calender www.landlords.org.uk/events/product_course

2) Complete the  "CORE" subjects in the NLA Online Library www.landlords.org.uk/library

3) Passport your accreditation from another landlord development based scheme.  You will need to download and sign the scheme rules along with providing proof you are a member of a development based scheme that follows the same syllabus as the NLA.  This can be in the form of your accredited certificate. 

Download  the scheme rules document, sign it and either email a scanned copy to accreditation@landlords.org.uk or post it to us at: NLA Accreditation, 2nd Floor, Skyline House, 200 Union Street, London SE1 0LX.

The benefits of Accreditation

The NLA promotes and provides accreditation because we believe it is the best way for us to prove, as landlords, that we can self regulate.

If we are aware of legislation and our responsibilities and have a way of demonstrating this we can prove that we do not require further legislation in the private rented sector.  

  • Become part of a scheme that all landlords, tenants and councils can recognise
  • Improve your knowledge and property management skills
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Promote your service as a professional landlord
  • Use the NLA logo
  • Display your accredited status
  • Choose to appear on our online member register as an NLA accredited landlord

The more accredited landlords we have the bigger our voice will be in gaining greater benefits for accredited landlords.

Local Authorities recognise NLA Accreditation status

Accreditation is vital to Councils for a number of reasons and all of the local authorities that we have spoken to applaud the idea of a national scheme.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the National Register of Accredited Landlords. Tenants and council officers can now check whether a landlord is “accredited” no matter which scheme they belong to.  This is a FREE tool for all to use . 

A Mark of Quality

NLA Accreditation is based on landlord development and is a national scheme that all tenants in England, Scotland and Wales can recognize as a mark of quality.

Tenants are encouraged to verify their landlord is a member of the NLA (and accredited) by using our online verification register.

For more details, contact: accreditation@landlords.org.uk