A landlord’s essential responsibility is to ensure their tenants live in a home that satisfies all the legal requirements and they conduct themselves in a professional manner that adheres to the law.

Come on a journey with us on our one-day course, as we take you through the laws, regulation and liabilities of a landlord business. Supporting you to gain a nationally recognised foundation level of knowledge to become accredited with the NLA which can bring you a wealth of additional benefits. Whether you are a new or experienced landlord, the NLA Foundation Course will help develop your professional skills, show you everything you need to know from start to finish of a tenancy, taking you through the fundamentals of being or becoming a landlord. Our team of trainers will demonstrate their expertise and knowledge, assist to maximise your return on investments, help strengthen your business, clarify what your obligations and responsibilities are as a landlord, whether you self-manage or use a letting agent.

Our experts provide thought provoking discussions, a chance for networking, real life stories and practical advice and examples to avoid the pitfalls, saving you time and ensuring you stay on the right side of the law. At the end of this course an open book assessment is conducted to reinforce your understanding from the day’s course and certification is issued on satisfactory completion.

Our course focuses on the main issues facing landlords, including:

  • Pre-tenancy considerations
  • Responsibilities & liabilities
  • Setting up a tenancy
  • During a tenancy
  • Ending a tenancy
  • Record keeping
  • Guidance and practical help
  • Up to date advice

*Please note that accreditation certification will not be awarded for those that fail to stay for all of the modules covered within this session.*

Benefits of NLA accreditation include:

A quality mark, greater advertising giving you the edge, advantageous to tenants seeking professional landlords, reduced licence and HMO licence fees, preferential services and access to grants in some local authority areas, your course fees are tax deductible and includes free advertising with other local authority registers and our own National Register of Accreditation.

N.B If you rent property in Wales, the deadline for compliance has now passed, meaning enforcement action can be taken against you if you are not properly registered and licensed.


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £115
Non Member £155

Forthcoming NLA Foundation Courses

We show you how to carry out vital safety checks effectively for any portable appliances you provide, in order to protect your tenants’ safety.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure any electrical equipment provided to your tenant is free of risk of injury to tenants when the tenancy begins and are in proper working order throughout the tenancy.

Our one-day course provides you with practical knowledge on the use of PAT testing equipment. Our theory session takes you through the latest IET code of practice and HSE guidance with secure theoretical learning where you can back up what you learn immediately with hands-on practical sessions. Delegates will inspect and PAT test a variety of portable electrical appliances with expert guidance from our trainer.

At the end of this course delegates are tested to ensure they are a "Competent Person" to confirm they can carry out these vital safety checks and certification is issued on satisfactory completion. Prior knowledge of PAT testing or electricity is not required to attend this course.

Our course programme includes:

  • The legal background
  • Class 1, 11 and 111 appliances
  • Safety risks and typical faults
  • Frequency of testing
  • Fuse ratings and visual inspections
  • Earth bond resistance tests
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Testing microwave ovens
  • Testing 110V power tools
  • Testing appliances
  • Pass and fail labelling
  • Results and maintenance


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £165
Non Member £195

Forthcoming NLA PAT Courses

Legally gain back your property effectively and choose which pathway to take with our direction through the legal process. Our one day course guides you through how to do it yourself with enormous savings!

For the majority of landlords renting out their property is a smooth process. Increasingly landlords find they need their property back, for example when the tenant is not paying their rent, deliberate damage, anti-social behaviour or refusing to leave. The process to gain back your property can be time consuming to evict your tenant and once you factor in the legal fees and lost rent, your losses and expenses can run into the thousands! Its vital landlords understand the correct process getting it right first time in order to legally gain their properties back whilst saving as much time as possible, with minimal business losses. If the paperwork you submit is wrong this can set you back two months and incur further court fees.

Our one-day course provides you a comprehensive understanding of how to gain possession of your property yourself. Our team of trainers will impart their knowledge and expertise using examples, giving practical advice on filling out the relevant court forms and notices by using the correct procedures. Make those savings by doing it yourself!

Our course programme includes:

  • Introduction to possession
  • What is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy?
  • Reducing risk
  • Section 21 and section 8
  • Surrender
  • Court procedures
  • Avoiding harassment and unlawful eviction
  • Death of tenant

*It would be advantageous to complete the Landlord Foundation course before coming on the Possession course OR have a working knowledge of what is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy and what is a Tenancy Deposit, which can be found on our landlord library.*


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £105
Non Member £135

Forthcoming Possession courses

Avoid fines and penalties by learning how to correctly handle your tenants deposit, avoid end of tenancy damage, rent arrears and successfully manage claims and arbitration.

Taking a deposit from tenants is a valuable tool for landlords as it gives them an additional layer of protection (after a comprehensive tenant check) in the event of rent arrears or damages to the property. Additionally, it encourages tenants to end a tenancy correctly so that they are in a position to get their deposit back.

However, since deposit protection legislation was introduced, it is now a legal requirement to protect your tenant’s deposit. In the UK, all landlords must protect their tenants’ deposit and serve the prescribed information within critical timelines of receiving it. Failure to comply can result in several penalties including fines and potentially losing the ability to regain possession of the property (under a section 21 notice).

Our half-day course provides you with information on the principles of tenancy deposit protection and offers guidance on best practice when it comes to creating an inventory and schedule of condition, minimising disputes at the end of tenancy and obtaining a successful outcome if any dispute arbitration should arise.

Our course programme includes:

  • What is a tenancy deposit?
  • Tenancy deposit protection
  • Tenancy agreement and prescribed information
  • Referencing and selecting tenants
  • The importance of an inventory
  • Check in and check out
  • Fair wear and tear
  • Calculating value of damages
  • Making a claim


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £65
Non Member £85

Forthcoming Deposits, Damages and Disputes courses

Our half-day course is available on request 

For up to date information and enquires please contact 


Membership StatusCost
NLA Full Member£55
Non Member£75


Forthcoming Welfare Reform Course

UKALA via our partners the NLA runs a one-day course designed to assist agents to develop their professional skills with real value for money. 
This one-day course outlines all you need to know from start to finish of a tenancy, the rights and responsibilities for your landlords and for you as an agent and the tenancy management required between tenant, landlord and lettings agent.  It is the foundation level of knowledge required for agents to become accredited with UKALA. 

Our courses focus on the main issues facing agents including:

  • Agents Duties 
  • Lettings Law
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Client money protection
  • Referencing and vetting tenants
  • Setting up a tenancy
  • Managing and ending a tenancy 
  • Common issues facing agents and landlords

Our programme offers an excellent opportunity to network with others including a trainer question and answer session.  We provide expert trainers who are in the letting business or agents themselves, with real life stories and up to date content. 

Benefits to becoming accredited include: 

A quality mark with business advantages for tenants seeking good reputable agents.  Reduced licence and HMO licence for your landlords and preferential services and access to grants in some local authority areas.  A national scheme which offers greater consistency for all agents, landlords, tenants and councils to recognise. 

Benefits of UKALA Accreditation includes: 

UKALA members are eligible to attend a range of NLA courses at discounted rates including this dedicated course for agent accreditation based on agent development and good management practise.  The array of courses are accessed via the extremely popular NLA courses and will equip agency staff with the knowledge to operate the day-to-day running of the business effectively and develop their understanding of the lettings industry.  Staff development in key to a successful business.  Continued professional development is an excellent way for staff to improve their knowledge of the industry. 

N.B If you rent property in Wales, the deadline for compliance has now passed, meaning enforcement action can be taken against you if you are not properly registered and licensed.


Membership Status 


UKALA Full Member 


Non Member



Penalties totalling £163,000* (as at 1st September 2017) have been issued under the Right to Rent scheme since the start of 2016 rolled out over England. Fines have been issued to 236 property owners between the start of February 2016 and June 2017 – a rate of around one every two days.

Failure to comply with the Right to Rent Scheme can lead to penalties for landlords of up to £3,000 per tenant, while those who knowingly rent to people with no right to be in the country can face up to 5 years in prison. Our half-day course focuses on the Immigration Act 2014 and the "right to rent" in England which places new restrictions on illegal immigrants accessing private rented accommodation.

Our half-day course covers landlords and agents requirements for conducting checks, including practical guidance and examples. Ensure you're protected by understanding your responsibilities as a landlord and gain the knowledge to stay on the right side of the law, to prevent costly fines and penalties.

Our course programme includes:

  • What are your "Right to Rent" responsibilities?
  • How to check someone's right to rent in the UK
  • What documentation can be used for evidence
  • When to seek support from the Home Office regarding a person's right to rent
  • When/how to report outcomes.
  • Exemptions to Right to Rent requirements
  • How to keep essential records
  • Practicalities during initial and follow up checks as appropriate
  • The risk of potential penalties and how to appeal


Membership Status 


NLA/UKALA Full Member 


Non Member


 Forthcoming NLA Immigration Courses

Stay alert to your legal obligations for letting properties, whilst looking beyond just the bricks and mortar. There are essential legal obligations which if not met, can have a detrimental effect on the health and safety of any occupants and visitors which can also lead to your prosecution.

Providing a safer home and undertaking repairs of your property is important as this can lead to legal action if you do not, but even if your property is in good condition could it still be hiding any hazards or ability to cause ill health? It is therefore essential to create a safe and healthy environment for your tenants and their visitors.

Our one-day course will assist landlords and property managers meet their legal obligations of providing a safer home to their tenants. Our team of trainers’ expertise will look at legal obligations, good practice and case study examples of where things have gone wrong. Rather than just focusing on the construction of a property, this course examines the risks involved in every aspect of the property that can relate to your tenant.

Our course programme includes:

  • The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)
  • Gas safety and carbon monoxide
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety of fixed installations and portable appliances
  • Working at height
  • Glazing and windows
  • Condensation and mould
  • Asbestos management
  • Water supply and control of legionella
  • Safety notices and product recalls
  • Construction (design and management) responsibilities
  • Case studies and videos


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £105
Non Member £135

Forthcoming NLA Safer Homes Courses

Do you fully understand the continually changing Government implications of Mortgage interest relief, capital gains tax, and fair wear and tear allowances? Capital Gains Tax can be a very significant cost to landlords, but there are many reliefs and exemptions available to you.

It can cost upwards of £150+VAT for just one hour with an accountant to get some basic tax advice. Join our expert team and let us empower you to boost your tax savings, guiding you through basic concepts, whilst making the most of your capital gains investments. Learn to sift through the jargon and understand the implications to apply those on your own portfolio. The key strength of our course is that secure theoretical learning is focused on before worked examples with figures and calculations are delivered.

Our one-day course will give a comprehensive understanding to capital gains tax; will clear up misconceptions to help you put a long term plan in place to make the most of your investments. Our team of trainers will demonstrate their expertise and knowledge through worked examples. Including the pathways landlords can choose to assist with a reduction in their eventual tax bill. We offer knowledge to make an informed decision if or when you should decide to instruct an accountant or tax expert.

Our course programme includes:

  • Principles of CGT
  • Income tax rates
  • CGT for rented properties
  • Jargon and phrases
  • Worked examples with basic formula
  • Tax strategies and investment strategies

*Please note it is advisable to bring a calculator when attending this session*


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £135
Non Member £165

Forthcoming Capital Gains Tax Courses

Many people make a full time living investing in property or build on expanding their portfolio, which of course goes with some risk. The key is to gain the knowledge and understanding to make wise investment decisions. Armed with the right research, purchasing the right property for your portfolio and then managing the property correctly, it is the safest investment in the world.

Becoming a landlord involves so much more than just collecting the rent each month when considering where your investment should lie. Successful landlords will understand the importance of knowledge about the law, finding the right property purchase, with the best yields and return on investments.

If you are looking to expand or restructure your property or are considering further investments, then our team of trainers’ knowledge and expertise will take you through your different pathways. This course is especially relevant to those landlords looking at options to change properties use, for example, to a House of Multiple Occupation or for converting and expanding a property OR if you are interested in different types of housing to bring back into use or geographical locations.

Our one-day course will empower you when planning to make a success of your landlord business, maximise your yields, and provide examples of financial structures. Our team will guide you through suggestions on how to research the right properties whilst looking at various locations to understand the markets and geographic make up. We give you a comprehensive understanding of the purchasing process avoiding any pitfalls. We give clearer guidance to future proofing your portfolio including business planning and key strategies. We will give you considerations when choosing to instruct on a new building with purchased land, rebuilds, expansions and renovation. The session will be thought provoking and include some worked examples and discussion. During this course we look at planning an exit strategy when purchasing or expanding of your portfolio as it is crucial when you are a buy-to-let landlord, for your longer term business plan when ending your property investment to ensure there is sufficient profit.

Our course programme includes:

  • Finding the right property
  • Build types
  • Buying a property
  • Renovations
  • Works, plans and contractors
  • Marketing your property and preparing for tenants
  • Using an agent
  • Financing and mortgages
  • Business planning
  • Exit strategies


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £105
Non Member £135

Forthcoming Planning a Successful Investment Courses

Would you know what tax to pay as a landlord, when to pay or how to substantially reduce your tax bill? Most landlords do not understand the complex rules surrounding the principles of tax, legislation restrictions or how to find their eligibility and entitlement to deductions and reliefs depending on their income.

Landlords are amongst thousands wasting tax not knowing the rules and will admit it is a minefield of obstacles that they do not understand. It is clear many property investors are unaware of legislation, eligibility, entitlements and reliefs, to avoid paying too much tax and how to structure their tax during their lifetime. The key strength of our course is that secure theoretical learning is focused on before worked examples with figures and calculations are delivered.

Our one-day course will give you confidence and support in running your property portfolios more tax efficiently and will give you an overview of the general principles of property tax implications. Our knowledge will empower you to do this by providing an understanding of the intricate options and routes available to you to hold your property investments, with the potential to be more tax efficient by considering and providing insight into improving how you restructure your portfolio. We give clearer guidance to understanding and clarifying your future tax liability with guidance to the pathways you can take to reduce your ongoing and potential tax bills. Our course includes an overview of the relationship between Capital Gains Tax (the life time tax) and Inheritance Tax on residential property assets.

It will leave you confident in knowing you are operating in a more tax efficient environment when renting out your property, including when you may need to seek expert advice before taking appropriate actions should you decide to instruct an accountant or tax expert.

Our course programme includes:

  • Introduction and overview of the Tax regime
  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Application of S24 and worked examples
  • Gifting and potentially exempt transfer
  • What are the benefits of incorporating
  • Whether to hold as a company or individual
  • Self-assessment and tax returns
  • Digital tax
  • Allowable expenses and what to offset
  • An introduction to Trusts
  • Smart exits and strategies during your lifetime

*Please note it is advisable to bring a calculator when attending this session.*


Membership Status Cost
NLA Full Member £135
Non Member £165

Forthcoming Specialist Landlord Taxation Courses