NLA Understanding Possession Course

Thu 15 Aug 2019
09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Arrival Time:
09:15 AM
Start Time:
09:30 AM
Finish Time:
05:00 PM
Lancaster House Hotel, Green Lane Ellel, Lancaster. Lancashire.
More Information:
£165.00 (Non-member) - £120.00 (NLA-member) - £120.00 (UKALA-member)
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Course Information

Dealing with repossessing your property can be stressful, not to mention expensive and time consuming! The NLA’s one day possession course will give you a detailed outline of how to end difficult and disruptive tenancies and how to get your property back. A recent survey conducted by BVA-BDRC showed that 27% of NLA members served a Section 21 notice to tenants, and 18% of NLA members served a Section 8 notice to tenants*. Learning information about these processes can save you time and money.

Unfortunately, there’s a small minority of landlords who must go through this laborious process of repossessing their property. However, it is considered a complete necessity in order to avoid further loss of rental income, spiralling legal fees and higher overall expenses which landlords could do without. 

This course will give you a detailed understanding of what action to take if a tenant: 

  • Fails to pay their rent
  • Causes damage to your property
  • Is guilty of anti-social behaviour
  • Refuses to leave your property

Course content:

  • Introduction to possession
  • What is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy?
  • Reducing risk
  • Section 21 (no-fault eviction notice)?
  • Section 8 (court ordered eviction notice)?
  • Surrender
  • Court procedures
  • Avoiding harassment and unlawful eviction
  • Dealing with the abandonment or death of a tenant
  • Voluntary surrender by the tenant 

Our knowledgeable trainers will teach you how to:

  • Legally regain your property
  • Save time repossessing your property
  • Keep financial losses to a minimum
  • Know how to fill out the paperwork correctly
  • Avoid incurring unnecessary court fees

Our trainers use realistic examples and provide practical advice on filling out the relevant court forms and notices, using the process necessary in order to save you costly fees and more importantly, your time.

*Survey was conducted by BVA-BDRC in in 2019, figured based on 297 people being asked ‘What, if anything, have you done about the tenant(s) that had rental arrears?’ 

Trainer Profile

Trainer: Ruth Rowntree

Having enjoyed being an NLA member Ruth decided to contribute more by becoming an NLA Representative in April 2012 and in 2014 she became an NLA trainer. She has successfully implemented accreditation training Countywide across Cumbria. 

Ruth is an experienced landlord and lets mainly to working professionals. While studying for her career in healthcare, Ruth decided to buy a run-down terraced house in Manchester 20 years ago. Initially having refurbished it, she lived in it but due to relocation with work, she decided to rent it out.  Since then she has successfully renovated many properties.  She backed up her knowledge gained from her experience with several qualifications including an HNC in Construction.

Ruth has contributed to several courses and developed the NLA course Planning a Successful Investment using her extensive experience and qualifications.

When not working Ruth enjoys trekking in the county and spending time off grid.