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Landlord Broadband supplies and manages high-performance broadband and Wi-Fi solutions for landlords so they can include it as part of the rental property, making their properties more attractive to potential tenants in the digital age.

Key Services:

- Supply and management of high-performance broadband and Wi-Fi solutions for HMOs, flats and halls of residence.

- Management of the service through our industry leading Tenant Support Desk so the Landlord/Managing Agent has no administration and no hassle.

- Portfolio management and administration of multiple property accounts for individual Landlords and businesses.

- Remote management of the equipment and service to optimise the bandwidth for each tenant and device in the property.

- Sharing of networks across several recognised properties to facilitate being able to provide a great service at lower cost.

- Specialist consultancy and advice.

- Provision of legal documentation to be added to the tenancy agreement/licence so the Landlord/Managing Agent is not liable for internet misuse.

- Support and advice on how to access grant funding designed to help businesses and Landlords provide fast digital connectivity.

- Bespoke design and branding of Wi-Fi networks in line with commercial, tenancy or logistical requirements.

- Professional Wi-Fi installation service for large HMOs, flats and complex set-ups.

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