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Don’t Let Defaulting Ex Tenants Leave You Out of Pocket. If you’re owed money from an ex tenant who has vacated your property and provided no forwarding address FinderMonkey will help. We specialise in quickly, legally and discreetly tracing your ex tenants to their new address and with our ‘No Find No Fee’ service you have nothing to lose.

Key Services:

We specialise in tracing ex tenants to their new address so you can provide that information to a court, bailiff, solicitor or debt recovery company.

We’ve worked nationally with solicitors, councils, landlords and letting agents since 2009, and understand the importance of getting your search right first time, every time.

So that’s why we’re proud to provide the following…

  • Our ‘No find, No Fee’ Guarantee – we’ll solve your problems not add to them.
  • Success rate of over 92% and customer satisfaction rate of 98%.
  • Fully accredited members of the Credit Services Association – meaning we’re able to access the most up to date and accurate information available within the UK
  • Data protection compliant
  • National Landlords Association recognised suppliers
  • UK wide state of the art tracing systems – it doesn’t matter if your ex tenant has left the area, or even the UK, we’ll still find them!

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what Melanie Adams, a private landlord said about working with us:

I had a tenant with over £5k of rent arrears suddenly vacate one of my properties without notice. I was determined that I was going to try to collect the money I was owed so asked FinderMonkey to find them for me. Within a matter of days they’d found them and given me their new address.
As a result I took legal action against them, and the entire debt plus costs has since been paid. I’m so glad I hired FinderMonkey.”

So, if you have ex-tenants who have vacated your property, call us now on 0113 43636910113 4363691 and let us find them so you can recover your outstanding debts. With our NO FIND, NO FEE promise you have nothing to lose either.

For NLA Members…

When you order your tracing search from FinderMonkey, you’ll receive your ex tenant’s new address, delivered to your email inbox within ten days of ordering or you pay nothing!

But if you’re an NLA member you can take advantage of a very special offer…

  • Free upgrade from standard to advanced search – advanced search includes not only your ex tenant’s new address, but also information on who they live with, any available landline and mobile telephone numbers, and any county court judgement details – giving you the full picture of their current situation.
  • And we’ll fast track the results to you too – Usually, these traces take up to ten days but with fast track, we can do it within 48 hours.

Call now and your investment for a successful result is just £95 (inclusive of VAT) – saving you £34.

With our ‘no find, no fee’ guarantee, you’ll only pay when we’ve found your debtor too.

Got more than one ex-tenant in default? No problem – we can conduct an unlimited volume of searches.

To claim this offer EVERY TIME you need an ex tenant found simply quote FMNLA when placing your order.

Member Offers:

To take advantage of our exclusive supplier offers, please login or join the NLA

Customer Reviews

"Tracing the old tenant"

157138 | 15 August 2019 - 4:50pm

Defaulting Ex Tenants Leave without paying the rent.


"No transparency in prices, hard sales tactics"

56596 | 25 October 2018 - 5:36pm

Very unpleasant experience trying to get a service from this company. There are plenty of other firms with a clear price structure, where you can order with the click of a button without having to negotiate with a sales person for half an hour. For the first moment you feel like they're selling to you, as the sales person asks you irrelevant questions like how much are you owed, so they can charge you accordingly, and also telling you how great the company is, as they prepare you for the nasty offer. The guy on the phone did not acknowledge the NLA offer, and insisted it was wrong. I was on the phone 25 minutes just to get the NLA offer honoured. Initially I wanted to find an address and employment status. He wanted to charge £250 for that, and said this would be payable even if they did not the employment status. He said if they can't find any employment information, that means they're unemployed. I did not agree with this so I said I'd do the address first and if they found the address, then I'd do the employment. The address was found next day, and when I called to book the employment search only, he wanted another £250, which doesn't make sense. After a google search, it is clear that this price is over-inflated. In addition to other companies, there is also the option of Form N316 to get the court to summon the tenant to provide that information.
Why in this day and age you cannot have clear and transparent price options, rather than a having to negotiate a price on the phone?