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Our systems are designed to eliminate streaming windows, condensation, mould and protect your investment.

As the UK’s fastest-growing domestic ventilation company, EnviroVent is committed to improving indoor air quality through the production of low-energy, sustainable ventilation units and systems designed to eliminate streaming windows, condensation and black mould.

Manufactured in Harrogate, the Lifetime Range of eco friendly ventilation solutions are already saving local authorities, social and private landlords, specifiers and developers vast amounts of money in fan maintenance and disrepair problems, whilst reducing the impact on landfill through unique and sustainable product maintenance features.

Special Offers to NLA Members: 

NLA members get significant discounts off the Mr Venty range of whole house Positive Input Ventilation units where EnviroVent Supply and Fit. 

If you are buying extractor fans only you can Part exchange your old extract fan for an award-winning EnviroVent Cyclone or heatSava (this applies only where there is an existing fan with suitable ducting or an existing core hole).

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We will increase your profits by eliminating condensation and mould, for good! Within the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) condensation and mould are a category 1 hazard. We ensure that you avoid fines incurred by poor living conditions and hassle through tenant complaints. We also save costs of redecorating damage caused by mould and damp conditions.

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Customer Reviews

"Excellent products "

6328 | 27 June 2018 - 8:36am

I’ve used this co on a number of occasions over the past 5 years. They are knowledgeable and responsive. The products are not cheap, but I would say value for money. The installations I’ve had have been reliable, long lasting and effective.


"Excellent products "

6328 | 27 June 2018 - 8:33am

I’ve used this co on a number of occasions over the past 5 years. They are knowledgeable and responsive. The products are not cheap, but I would say value for money. The installations I’ve had have been reliable, long lasting and effective.


"poor service"

77007 | 9 January 2017 - 3:30pm

I was looking forward to having a high quality product efficiently installed in one flat I own which was suffering from some bad condensation. The whole process has been a nightmare apart from the first appointment, which was conducted by a sales rep.. I was not clearly advised as to exactly what was involved, which resulted in some delays in getting permission from the management company for drilling a hole in the wall. When they did drill this hole, they damaged the brickwork and the refused to repair it. They also didn't let me know that the electrics needed to be bonded before they did the work, so this took more time and money to organise. I do not recommend them and will not be using them for my other properties.


"Envirovent - great product, poor installation, bad follow up"

17198 | 1 August 2014 - 5:53pm

So far I'm happy with product performance but as a company they leave a lot to be desired. Installation was sloppy and looks awful. Their advertising suggests that their unit will replace any existing fan. In the event their fitter drilled a new hole in the vicinity of the existing fan, which was left in place, and used surface trunking for a new cable. It looks truly awful. Quite sometime after an immediate complaint, another engineer arrived to remove the old fan and fill the hole. He arrived with no building materials, but did remove the old fan and somewhat tidy up the trunking. He was unable to fill the hole and also left loose bricks around the new unit. Several months later and after a number of aborted and actual visits to fill the hole, things have not progressed well. We still have a hole in the outer wall from the original fan. To add insult to injury Envirovent now want the balance of payment before the job is completed. I'm a very dissatisfied customer and would not recommend Envirovent as an installer to any other NLA member. Also no sign of NLA member discount, this is an expensive solution to condensation.


"Very satisfied with excellent service"

60178 | 20 March 2013 - 10:04am

I had a serious condensation problem in a mid terraced house and EnviroVent installed a wall mounted positive ventilation unit and two filterless extraction fans. The installation was quick and efficient and they liaised directly with my tenant to organise a convenient time for the work. The tenant was delighted and reported an improvement in air quality within 24 hours. A few weeks later the tenant reported feeling chilly and EnviroVent were very responsive: returning to the property to assist the tenant find the correct setting for her particular circumstances. I would recommend EnviroVent wthout hesitation and I know that my tenant has too!


"Poor service, expensive"

10641 | 6 February 2013 - 1:56pm

Once installed and working, the fan (a Cyclone inline fan) is quiet when in trickle mode, powerful when it senses high humidity, and the remote "boost" switch works well. As the fan is inline (attic not ceiling) it's much quieter than an in-ceiling fan.

However, I was left for waiting for a month after paying a £200 deposit before they gave me an installation date, and I had to chase them repeatedly to get that date. The date was shifted another couple of weeks as the "best engineer we have" who I was told was coming, resigned. The installation didn't work correctly, and the interior and exterior vents workmanship wasn't satisfactory so they came back to replace the fan and rectify, but only after more regular chasing. At one point the engineer asked me if I had the manual as he didn't know how to work it, which rather goes against the implication they make their own kit and are experts. The engineer went on to pitch for private work with his own business cards, which was quite unprofessional. The booster button failed to work with that fan, so they came back a third time, but only after more chasing, escalating to a senior manager and threatening to remove it myself and post it to them and demanding a full refund of the £400 cost. I was initially told this product would solve the condensation problems in the property and it's solved 85% of the problems, but not entirely, so paintwork continues to be damaged by water and mould.

Incidentally I notice the page here says NLA members get a discount, but the Envirovent salesman knew I was an NLA member and offered no discount to me.

In summary, my experience is that Envirovent's Cyclone product is ok once it is installed and working, but the price is high, the company over-sold the benefits, they are slow to install, bad at communication, disorganised, and apparently not that interested in satisfied customers. I do not recommend them, I think they should probably be removed from the NLA Recognised Supplier scheme, and I doubt I'd use them again.