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When you instruct Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited to enforce an order for possession, county court judgement or recover unpaid commercial rent, you can do so safe in the knowledge that our experience and expertise will ensure you a swift and favourable result.

Due to our truly nationwide operation we are able to offer an unrivalled service to Landlords, property management companies, solicitors and judgment creditors.  One of our key strengths is our ability to action instructions received in a fast and effective manner enabling us to provide you, our client the outcome you are seeking and deserve.

We operate from our 5 strategically located offices throughout the United Kingdom, and our services are delivered by our experienced and qualified external teams, overseen by a management team who have been selected on their ethical, competent and professional approach, ensuring all DCBL clients receive an unparalleled service.

Key Services:

Express Possessions

Our express possession service eliminates the need to wait, for up to several months in some cases, for County Court Bailiffs to evict a bad tenant. Under section 42 of the County Courts Act 1984 a landlord can apply to have an Order for Possession transferred to the High Court at the same time as they apply for the order itself.  Our officers will then evict your tenant within 7 days of the transfer application being granted.

Commercial Rent Arrears

As directed by Statute the fees for our professional service are added to the outstanding rent arrears. As such they are payable by the tenant to the Bailiffs in attendance after the process of taking control of goods has taken place.

There is no need to be concerned about incurring costly legal fees for obtaining professional advice or waiting for the matter to progress through a time consuming Court process. Instead you receive free professional advice immediately enabling you to take informed pro-active steps forward to recover the monies you are owed.

Quite simply you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by instructing us today.

County Court Judgement Enforcement

If you have an unpaid County Court judgement (CCJ) or Order over £600 (including court Costs) up to 6 years old then we are able offer our expertise as authorised High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEA) to deliver a prompt and effective service. Our approach is to act as efficiently as possible to enable the collection process to commence, ensuring a speedy return of your outstanding monies.

Our nationwide team of experienced High Court Enforcement Agents (HCEA) are able to operate outside normal office hours when the opportunity of collection is greatly improved. This contributes to our consistently high collection rates, which is well above the industry average.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

If you have a tenant who is in arrears under a Commercial Lease and all other attempts to recover those arrears have been unsuccessful, you may be able to instruct us to peacefully re-enter and forfeit the lease under the terms outlined in the agreement or you may have to rely on common law if no such clause is available.

As standard our Certificated Bailiffs will attend outside of business hours and meet with a locksmith that we have sourced on your behalf, if necessary.  Once entry has been gained a detailed inventory of any goods remaining on the demise, with supporting photographic evidence is documented.  Utility meter readings and the overall condition of the property is recorded.  We will then secure the property, display the relevant Possession Notices and arrange for the keys to be delivered as required

Traveller Removal

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited is able to offer a truly national service to recover possession of land from unwanted trespassers. We are highly experienced, professional and qualified to assist you during this difficult period. Court proceedings can involve delay that can be very costly. Whilst the travellers are in occupation, irrespective of the length of time this can result in a major loss of business for those involved. They can also leave unsightly waste and rubbish on your land, which can cause further expense to you the landowner.

However there is an alternative course of action that can be used, we will use only legal methods to take legal possession of an occupied site usually within hours of the instruction. Notice will be served to leave under The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 or under common Law to leave within 24 hours. If the notice is disregarded, our teams of Bailiffs will re-attend the site and supervise removal of the travellers. The Police will be informed at this stage and called upon if necessary, we will also arrange for the attendance of tow trucks / low loaders where necessary.

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited is also able to provide services to ensure that the site is secured to prevent re-attendance.

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Used the 7 day express service.. which in fact turn out to be just 4 working days... excellent result