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If you are looking for a new property or remortgaging why not try our online buy-to-let mortgage search? Our free online mortgage search will instantly scour the marketplace for all the best deals. Our buy-to-let mortgage search will allow you to conduct:

  • Targeted buy-to-let mortgage searches
  • Thorough mortgage comparisons to find buy-to-let mortgages in accordance with your income

How it Works

Our buy-to-let mortgage search includes a handy rental calculator to help you find buy-to-let mortgages that fit your expected rental income. You can also filter your mortgage search to look for specific criteria such as ‘ex-council properties’ or ‘student tenants’.

We offer a full buy-to-let mortgage search service with exclusive access to mortgage deals unavailable anywhere else in the market.

NEW! Exclusive buy-to-let mortgages for NLA members only

NLA Mortgages has partnered with specialist buy-to-let lender, LendInvest, to bring you two exclusive mortgage products for NLA members only. These products are not available anywhere else in the marketplace and could be an excellent borrowing option.

Competitive and flexible lending

After considering current market trends, these highly competitive 5-year fixed rates have been designed with professional landlords in mind and are available to both individuals and limited companies.

LendInvest has a flexible approach to lending and caters to a diverse range of finance needs, including landlords with large portfolios, so these products should appeal to a wide audience.

Cashback benefit for members

As well as being keenly priced for landlord professionals, these NLA Mortgages exclusives also have a generous cashback benefit for members – 0.25% of the loan amount.

For example, cashback for a loan of £200,000 is £500.00, payable on completion of the loan.



  • Instant list of available mortgages
  • Best-in-the-market products researched daily
  • Exclusive access to mortgages not available in the general marketplace
  • Find schemes that fit your expected rental income
  • Cashback for NLA Full Members
  • Free helpdesk for information and support

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