Tenancy Agreements

Having a full and comprehensive tenancy agreement is just as important as finding the right tenant. It will set out the terms of the tenancy and include important details each party's responsibilities in a clear, concise and transparent way. The tenancy agreement may also be called upon should a dispute arise at the end of the tenancy. It is therefore vital that the agreement covers every aspect of the tenancy.

Using an NLA approved tenancy agreement ensures that you are providing your tenants with an up-to-date and robust agreement drawn from best practice. It shows that you are a professional landlord and proud to be an NLA member.

Other Forms

With over 50 Acts of Parliament and more than 70 sets of regulations governing the private rented sector, it is important that you follow the correct legal procedure throughout the life cycle of a tenancy.

Whether you are looking to take on a new tenant, set up a guarantor, increase the rent or bringing a tenancy to an end, this range of NLA approved Forms and Notices will help you manage any tenancy.


All tenancy related documents must be produced for active use within the United Kingdom in English.