NLA response to Luton Council's proposal for selective licensing

Luton response cover image

Having considered the evidence presented and having undertaken our own evaluation of the circumstances faced by the residents of Luton, our position can be summarised by the following brief points.
  • Landlords have very limited authority to deal with matters related to antisocial behaviour, especially if it happens outside the curtilage of the property.
  • The council fails to provide evidence of a direct link between recorded housing crime and the private rented sector.
  • The scheme will lead to a further displacement of problem tenants in Luton.
  • The documentation provided fails to indicate that sufficient funding will be available to support the introduction of licensing.
  • The council fails to say how it will prevent malicious claims of antisocial behaviour being made that could result in tenants losing their tenancies.
  • The document does not take into account other local authorities placing tenants in Luton.
  • The council fails to say how the proposal will tackle “rent-to-rent” and subletting or even Airbnb.
We contend that the flaws in the process and proposals outlined above must be rectified before this application is progressed.
Furthermore, once the necessary data has been identified and provided, this consultation exercise should be repeated (if permissible), ensuring engagement with all relevant stakeholders.
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