NLA Response to CLG Committee Inquiry: PRS Combatting 'Rogue Landlords'

CLG Rogues Cover Image

The NLA welcomes the Committee’s inquiry, which we hope will encourage vigorous debate about the causes of, and solutions to, the failure of local authorities to adequately enforce the extensive regulations already in place for the PRS.

A thriving private rented sector is essential in the current housing market, and we hope that the Committee’s recommendations will focus on how best to ensure enforcement activity is carried out fairly for landlords, agents and tenants alike.

In our submission the NLA contends:

The PRS is subject to extensive regulation, although this is too frequently not enforced effectively by local authorities

  • The prime obstacle for effective enforcement in the PRS is the lack of resources available to local authorities
  • We are seeing a growing number of discretionary licensing schemes being introduced that charge compliant landlords for enforcement activity against the minority of rogues operating in the sector
  • The effectiveness of such schemes is unproven as there has been no wide-scale review, as previously recommended by the Committee
  • The NLA identifies a number of unintended consequences of such schemes, such as upwards pressure on rent, shorter tenancies and fewer available properties for the most vulnerable groups

To download and read the full submission click here.

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