Taxing Homes: Assessing the Economic Impacts of Government Policy on the PRS


Taxing Homes Cover Image

As a larger proportion of households rely on the PRS for a home it has become increasingly important that landlords are able to provide high quality accommodation and are incentivised to do so by the prospects of reasonable returns on investment.

Unfortunately, recent changes to tax policy have threatened to disrupt landlords’ business environs to such an extent that investing in private residential property may become unappealing, diminishing the sector’s ability to meet demand and ultimately forcing up prices.

In order to meet the challenges presented by this fiscal upheaval and to help us better represent NLA members’ interests we commissioned Capital Economics to undertake a comprehensive economic assessment of this impact these changes are likely to have on landlords, their customers and the wider economy.

Capital Economics is one of the leading independent economic research companies in the world, with a team of more than 60 experienced economists with expertise in financial markets, macroeconomics, and the property sector.

Leveraging these skills and experience, Capital Economics were tasked with assessing the likely – and realistic – impact of the government’s use of these fiscal levers and the effects expected to be felt by those interacting with the PRS.

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