For Landlords

If you are an accredited landlord then registration on the National Register of Accredited Landlords in recognition of your achievement and effort is entirely free of charge.

If you are an existing NLA member and also accredited by the NLA then this will already be noted on the National Register and no further action is required.

As a member you may also register any Non-NLA accreditation which you have achieved with any other recognised accreditation scheme by logging in to the NLA website using your Membership Number and Security Code and then visiting the “My profile” area. The option to do this is on the left hand menu of the “My Profile” area.

When you have joined as a member then you can follow the same procedure as above to register your accreditation.

Your entry will display as "awaiting verification" on the register until your accreditation scheme provider has validated the information with us. No personal details are displayed.

For Tenants

To verify that your landlord is registered on the National Register of Accredited Landlords please click here to visit our tenant information page.

You will need to enter the unique NLA Member and the registered name of the landlord – ask your current or prospective landlord for these details.

Please note that NLA Landlord Associates are not full paying members of the National Landlords Association but do have access to our extensive library of tenancy forms and letters.

An Accredited Landlord has worked extensively to achieve good management practice.