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06 Sep 2017

working with NLA

Private landlords have been the target of numerous government policies in recent years. We’ve been hit by enormous Stamp Duty bills, made de-facto border guards by Right-to-Rent, and many of us are currently being driven out of business by the combination of frozen Local Housing Allowance rates and the removal of finance cost relief by s24.

On that basis it is always concerning to learn that the Government is looking for the next great rental policy.

However, this is exactly what it is doing!

The NLA has been working with policy makers at DCLG and the Cabinet Office to shape potential future policies focusing on the PRS, which the Government would like to discuss with landlords.

We need a small number of private landlords to come to our offices in Central London to meet with officials from DCLG and the Cabinet Office to discuss ‘policy prototypes’ on Tuesday 19th September 2017.

Topics are likely to include;

  • Tax incentives
  • Longer term tenancies
  • Tenant referencing
  • Property standards
  • Dispute resolution; and
  • Landlord registration

This is a real chance to speak directly to policy makers about the future of government policy towards landlords.

Meeting details:

Time: 13:30 – 15:00

Date: Tuesday 19th September 2017

Location: NLA Head Office, 2nd Floor Skyline House, 200 Union Street, London, Se1 0LX

If you are able to attend please click here to register:

Please note, places are strictly limited so please register early if you would like the chance to take part.


Submitted by 169900 on 10 September 2017 - 3:24pm

Like many Private Landlords we will be faced with increased taxation and lower returns on one of our Properties due to it having a Mortgage.
The tragedy of this is that this Property is leased to our Local Authority, who are desparate to increase the number of Properties they have availble, in order to reduce their demand for affordable housing.
Their Private Housing Leasing Scheme however has been very good to us. The monthly rental has been reviewd every year and is based on the local market average. There is however a 20% deduction to cover the Council's overheads managing their leasing Portfolio.
The Council is fully resposnsible for keeping the internals of the Property in good order; and ensuring THEIR tenants keep the gardens tidy and are not a nuisance.
The main thing is that we receive the full year's rent during April each year and WE have no voids. Furthermore the leasing contracts can be for any period from 1 - 25 years.
This arrangement brings about the best of both worlds - The Local Authority obtains Additional flexibility for their Social Housing with no Capital Investment. We have a secure income with little of no aggravation and/or voids.
The one major downside has been the additional mortgage cost burden introduced by the Government since we made the initial Investment decision, Fortunately in our case our Local Authority was willing to pick the Additional Morgage Tax Burden up. If they hadn't we would have had to sell the Property and the Local Authority would have had one more family to find acomodation for!!

My Question therefore - would it not make sense for the Government to leave full Mortgage Tax Relief on Properties leased to Local Authorities to help meet their Social Housing Demand?.
I am sure that this would incentivise many high tax investors to consider moving their BTL Properties to the Local Authority Housing Sector; and thus make a positive impact on reducing Local Authorities short term need.
In our particular case it would also help to keep the Local Authorities' Housing costs down!!