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Universal Credit migration delayed until 2024

Article Posted - 5th February 2020

The Minister for Welfare Delivery for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Will Quince, confirmed that the process of migrating claimants from housing benefit (HB) to Universal Credit (UC) will be delayed until 2024.

The minister confirmed that the decision had been made based on a change in the underlying assumptions that there would be 50,000 households experiencing a change in circumstances which would then act as the trigger for the migration process.

This news comes just over a year since the Former Prime Minister Theresa May described the migration of claimants as a “steady process” with a clear assertion that “it will be fully rolled out by 2023 as was originally intended”.

It is estimated that the delay will cost DWP £500 million but the minister was quick to point out that “this is additional money that will go into the pockets of our claimants, some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our country. About 900,000 people could now receive transitional protection who would not have been able to receive it through natural migration.”

What can you do

Landlords managing tenants whose rent payments are reliant on Universal Credit should ensure that they are communicating with their tenant in order to minimise any issues that may arise as a result of a change of circumstances. DWP has provided online guidance for landlords to help them deal with queries.

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