Right to Rent guidance for non-EEA and Windrush generation

Article Posted -
10 Apr 2019

The Home Office has released guidance for landlords with the aim of helping them to remain compliant with right to rent checks affecting non-EEA nationals and Commonwealth citizens, who have a legal right to live in the UK but without the accompanying documentation to prove it.

The guidance is particularly relevant to prospective tenants that had been permanently settled in the UK since before 1973 and those that came to the UK after 1973 but before 1988. Landlords that are presented with tenants unable to satisfy the right to rent documentation threshold are being advised to contact the Landlord Checking Service before refusing permission to rent.

If the checking service provides a landlord with a Positive Right to Rent Notice (PRRN) which means that a prospective tenant has the right to rent, the landlord will have a statutory excuse against liability for civil penalty- essentially, the landlord can evidence that they did their best to comply with the law.

What you can do:

Landlords should follow existing guidance to make sure that they are compliant with the Right to Rent checks. NLA members can seek can contact our Telephone Advice Line on 020 7840 8939 for support. If you're not yet a member click here to see the benefits of signing up.

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