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Queens Speech 2.0: Section 21 set to be abolished

Article Posted - 19th December 2019

In the second Queen's speech in as many months, the Government's priorities for the next parliamentary session were outlined and all in all no less than 30 bills are expected to be pursued.

Included was the Renters' Reform Bill which will be introduced in order to ‘protect tenants' and provides confirmation that Section 21 will be abolished.

Other elements to be included in the Bill include:

Commitments to building safety mirrored the proposals put forward in the last Queen's speech in October.

The building safety standards legislation aims to:

Inline with provisions to improve building safety, a Fire Safety Bill will also be introduced and it will ensure that:

The speech also confirmed plans to introduce a Planning White Paper to help provide clarity, certainty and more accessible for all users, as well as, pursue leasehold reform in order to address unfair practices.

Reforms will ensure that where possible, new builds are sold as freeholds, unnecessary ground rents are removed, loopholes are closed to prevent unfair evictions and leasehold property is easier and cheaper to sell.

In other areas, broadband legislation will be introduced to unite and level up the country with a   commitment to ensure that all new builds and flats are equipped with faster and reliable internet speeds. The speech also confirmed the Government's decision to increase the National Insurance  threshold to £9,500 whilst freezing VAT, income tax and National Insurance rates.

Details of all the proposals within the speech can be found here.

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