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Property Chamber outlines Covid-19 precautions

Article Posted - 20th March 2020

The Property Chamber has announced that it has been reviewing its current caseload to determine whether there was a basis for current cases to be heard or postponed in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

The current review has been looking at cases that had scheduled hearings in the four weeks beginning from Monday 23 March to start off with, but there is a possibility that this will be extended to the end of May 2020. After this the review will take occur on a four-week rolling cycle. The review so far has decided upon issuing postponements in the majority of cases.

Both new cases and appeals can still be lodged with the Property Chamber but applicants have been advised to expect delays in the processing of their cases.

A protocol has been established for urgent applications such as those that may need to be lodged by a local authority for a special interim management order. The measures will enable for these to be promptly processed even in the event of regional office closures. Such application can also be made by email to the respective offices listed below:

  Land Registration:                          AL &D:

  Eastern Region:                                         London Region:

Midland Region:                                        Northern Region:

Southern Region:

It is important to note that the provisions for urgent applications are applicable to cases that require immediate attention.


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