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Norwich City Council in favour of Section 21 Abolition

Article Posted - 1st October 2019

During a council meeting on 24 September councillors resolved to back to the abolition of Section 21 as proposed by the Government and will seek the support of local MPs.

The council motion asserted that evictions were the number one cause of homelessness and used data for the English Housing Survey, which showed that 63 percent of private renters had their tenancies ended because the landlord was either selling the property or needed it.

The motion also championed the different tenancy practices in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and most recently the newly introduced Private Residential Tenancies in Scotland. It argued that a lack of security of tenure created a power imbalance between landlords and tenants, which made tenants opt against challenging disrepair and big rent increases just incase their request resulted in eviction.

In response, the NLA has written to the council to query what resources it will be allocating to mitigate the impacts to the private rented sector based on the Government proposals. The more adversarial process being proposed is likely to result in a greater number of tenants with housing convictions, which will increase the difficulty in securing social or private rented property.

We will publish a response if the council responds to our letter.

What you can do:

Landlords are encouraged to write to their councillors and request an explanation of how the council intends to ally their concerns once Section 21 is abolished. The Government is currently consulting on the abolition of Section 21 and there is an opportunity to for landlords to focus on specific areas of the consultation to emphasise their concern. The consultation closes on 12 October 2019. The NLA has produced a guide to help landlords navigate the various proposals being put forward by the Government. 

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