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Northampton Council Article 4 direction approved

Article Posted - 27th March 2020

Northampton Borough Council is introducing an Article 4 Direction in areas not yet covered by the regulations. The direction is due to be in effect from 13 November 2020.

The decision means that landlords will have until 13 November 2020 to undertake any developments to change the use of a house/ dwelling to a small houses in multiple occupation (HMO) under permitted development rights. After this date, landlords would be legally bound to request planning permission if they wanted to develop a property into an HMO with three to six occupants forming two or more households.

The council confirmed the decision to introduce the Direction on 11 March 2020 after reviewing responses from the public consultation that took place between 14th November 2019 to 5 December 2019.

A copy of the proposed designated area can be found here.

What you can do:

Landlords who are affected can contact the council at with their queries. The official notice of the designation can be found here


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