Article Posted -
05 Dec 2017


Newham Council’s application to renew its borough-wide selective licensing scheme has been approved by the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid MP.

The Council has confirmed the approval in its publication of the Designation of an area for Selective Licensing. Any privately rented property within the designated area, that is not already covered by mandatory HMO licensing or the additional HMO licensing scheme, will need to be licensed.

Earlier this year Newham Council consulted on plans to renew their borough-wide selective licensing scheme, and subsequently agreed to go ahead with the renewal in June. You can read the NLA's response to that consultation here.

Thanks to lobbying efforts of the NLA, rules were changed in 2015 so that local authorities needed permission to impose a selective licensing scheme that encompasses more than 20% of PRS properties in a borough, or more than 20% of the borough’s geographical area.

After a long delay, the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid MP has approved plans to renew the scheme across the whole borough, except for East Village (E20).

Map of Designated Area

Due to this delay the scheme will not come into force until 1st March 2018, leading to a 3-month gap as the current scheme expires at the end of December.

Any person who operates a licensable property without a licence, or allows a licensed property to be occupied by more households or persons other than as authorised by a licence, is liable to prosecution and upon summary conviction is liable to an unlimited fine. A person who breaches a condition of a licence is liable upon summary conviction to an unlimited fine.

Full details can be found on Newham Borough Council’s website here.