New 6a form for Section 21 notices 

Article Posted -
13 May 2019

A new version of Form 6a which is used to issue notice under Section 21 in England, will be released on the 1st June by the Government to reflect the new restrictions on terminating tenancies made by the Tenant Fees Act. 

The amendments 

Firstly, amendments have been made to ensure the form more accurately reflects the restriction on terminating a tenancy where a landlord has not returned part of a prohibited payment under the Fees Act or the holding deposit has not been repaid to the relevant person. 

Further changes have been made to provide more detail on HMO licensing and serving a Section 21 notice. No section 21 notice may be given in relation to an assured shorthold tenancy of a part of an unlicensed HMO while it remains unlicensed. 

New information for tenants 

Amendments have also been made in the new Form 6A to include information for tenants on the homelessness support services available to them should they be concerned they may be at risk of homelessness if the landlord regains possession of the property. It provides a link to the Government guidance on the process for eviction, as well as directing tenants to bodies such as Citizens’ Advice and Shelter for advice and support. 

What you need to do 

It’s important to make sure that you use the correct version of Form 6a if you wish to serve a Section 21 notice in England from 1 June 2019. NLA members can download the correct version from NLA Forms – and this will be updated once the new form is in use. 

Form 6a can only be used for ASTs in England. All ASTs created on or after 1 October 2015 are required to use Form 6a. There is no requirement to use Form 6a for tenancies created before this date, or if a statutory periodic tenancy follows a fixed term created before October 2015, but you may wish to do so. NLA members can contact our Advice Line for support on 020 7840 8939. 

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