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MHCLG Green Housing Revolution

Article Posted - 3rd October 2019

Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has announced that there will be a new green standard for all new build homes, consultation on planning reform and a Government design manual to promote beautiful homes.

The new green standard for new builds is aimed at cutting carbon emissions in line with the Government climate agenda that they claim will also result in lower household bills. Under the plans, gas boilers will be banned in new builds from 2025 and replaced with air source heat pumps and cutting-edge solar panels. The Government has begun consulting on building regulation changes in order to help deliver the future homes standard and the consultation documents can be found here.

Reforms being considered for the planning system include the potential of fees to refunded to applicants if councils take too long to respond on specific planning applications. The changes being considered are expected to positively impact all applicants from individual householders to housing developers. Local residents and small developers are also expected to feel the benefits from a more user-friendly planning system. The new proposal will be published in a green paper in November 2019.

In a Government first, there will be a National Model Design Code which will be published in 2020 with clear parameters that promote the design and style of homes that is informed by local peoples' wants. MHCLG has published a National Design Guide to show how quality and great design can be achieved and includes recommendations on how developers can win the support of communities, in order to deliver new homes at pace. Local authorities will be expected to prepare and implement their own design codes that reflect the character and uniqueness of their surroundings.

More funding has also been allocated to pocket parks in order to help communities transform urban derelict areas into new green spaces. The new spaces will provide children's play areas, vegetable patches and communal environments for local events with the aim of benefitting peoples' physical and mental health. The projects will be community-led in partnership will local authorities in the hope of fostering a greater sense of identity and belonging to residents.

What you can do:

Landlords are encouraged to engage with the future homes standard consultation which closes on 10 January 2020.  You can access the consultation on the MHCLG website.

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