Article Posted -
20 Jul 2017

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Luton Council is consulting on plans to introduce a selective licensing scheme in parts of the borough. Views are invited before 15 September 2017, information about the consultation can be found on the local authority's website and landlords are encouraged to respond online, using the questionnaire provided

What areas do they want to license?

The Council has proposed to introduce selective licensing in the following wards:

  • South
  • Biscot
  • Dallow
  • High Town
  • Farley

designation area map


What does this mean?

If the proposed scheme is introduced and an area has been designated for licensing, it will be a requirement that all properties let by private landlords within that area must have a licence. A licence holder can be the owner or an appropriate person appointed by the owner, eg managing agent.

All landlords would need to make a valid application for each property they rent out. This would be through an online application process and we will provide tailored advice and help for landlords and agents where needed.

In order to obtain a licence the applicant will need to demonstrate that they are a ‘fit and proper’ person and that they have satisfactory management arrangements in place for the property.

This will involve providing identification and providing a declaration to confirm their status with regards to criminal offences.

What can I do?

Make your voice heard. The NLA recommends you take the following steps:

ACTION 1: Contact or visit the relevant councillors. Find your councillor here.

ACTION 2: Complete the consultation questionnaire before 15th September.

ACTION 3: Tell your tenants about the likely effects, such as rent rises. Encourage them to lobby as well. Ask them to complete the tenant questionnaire.