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Lewisham council consults on housing strategy

Article Posted - 4th February 2020

London Borough of Lewisham has begun its consultation on a new housing strategy that seeks to deliver safe, stable and genuinely affordable homes over 2020 to 2026. The consultation runs until the 31 March 2020 and respondents can submit their online responses here.

The council has provided a draft summary of their proposals which outlines their key objectives for the next six years which include:

The summary document confirms that the private rents in the borough increased by more that 50 percent between 2011 and 2017 and as part of making the private rented sector (PRS) work better they intend to deliver:

The council confirmed its intention to create a private sector tenants union and also made reference to its recent licensing consultation, which sought to introduce borough-wide additional and selective licensing as a tool to help deliver its priority of improving the quality, standard and safety of housing. The outcome of the consultation is still pending.

What you can do

Landlords with properties in the borough should respond to the consultation which can be accessed here to share their views. If you have further queries regarding the consultation you can contact housing strategy at 020 8314 3747 or email them on



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