Leicester City Council consults on selective licensing

Article Posted -
14 Mar 2019

Leicester City Council has begun its consultation on selective licensing of some parts of the city which will run until 5 May 2019.

The council confirmed that it is currently considering selective licensing for parts of Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields, Castle, Fosse, Saffron, Stoneygate and Westcotes. However, it also revealed that the scheme could be extended to other parts of the city if it was considered appropriate.

As it stands the council have not provided an indication of the proposed fees that will be charged, but in a Frequently Asked Questions document it confirms that a decision on the scheme will be made in early 2020.

The assistant city mayor for housing in Leicester, Cllr Andy Connelly, said:

“The Housing Act already allows councils to use selective licensing where they think it may be a valuable tool in tackling rogue landlords and ensuring those who operate there are fit for that role.”

“In running this public survey we want to get an idea of whether residents want us to take such an approach, and whether it would help safeguard tenants across the city.”

What you can do:

We would urge landlords to respond to the consultation by completing the online survey in order to share their views and influence the council’s decision.

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Submitted by 145845 on 18 March 2019 - 1:05pm

As soon as licensing comes into my area, I shall be selling up and investing my money elsewhere.

I have no intention of paying even more tax on top of everything else that has been forced on us Private Investors through changes in taxation over the last few years. The risks are too big at the minute, so this will definately be my signal to sell up, so my tenant will loose a good home, a good landlord and will then join the queue with everyone else at the local housing office.

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