Article Posted -
13 Apr 2017

In the latest episode of the NLA Podcast Inside Property, presenter Richard Blanco is joined by experts in property developments and mortgage finance: 

  • Jamie Fraser, private landlord who is considering selling
  • Nicole Bremner, founder of developer, East Eight, who is considering expansion
  • Ben Sheils, accounting director from Micro Business
  • John Cox, principal of finance broker Mortgage-Desk

The half-hour podcast covers a number of issues that landlords may face due to reduced profitability, such as:

  • Is buy-to-let still a worthwhile investment?
  • Should landlords consider selling up?
  • What are the benefits of incorporation in avoiding the extra costs?
  • What impact will the tougher lending criteria have on buy-to-let finance?

Listen now at Inside Property, or subscribe on iTunes or Audioboom.