Landlords turn their backs on the Conservative Party

Article Posted -
17 May 2019

Polling conducted by the National Landlords Association (NLA)* suggests that private landlords have lost faith in the Conservative Party, with only one in six (15.75 per cent) now saying they would support them in an election.  

This polling, conducted shortly after the once strongly pro-business party announced its intention to abolish the no fault section 21 possession process and end fixed-term tenancies, found that more than two thirds (69 per cent) of the landlords responding had voted Conservative in 2017. However, of those, only 25 per cent said they would do so again were an election called today.  

Meanwhile, 85 per cent of landlords stated they would be likely to vote against any party proposing to remove Section 21 and 89 per cent would vote against any party proposing rent control. 

Richard Lambert, CEO of the NLA, says: 

“It’s hardly surprising that landlords are losing faith in the Conservatives given the way their Government has overturned the economic, and now legislative, foundations of the private rented sector since 2015. The Tories’ attitude seems to be “Well, who else are landlords going to vote for?”  The response is coming back loud and clear, “Not you”.  

The Conservatives’ mantra that they are the party for business has a hollow echo to the 2 million plus landlords in the UK who see the party and its Government refusing to recognise them as having legitimate business interests. 

“Our members have told us that removing Section 21 would be devastating and costly for their businesses. Conservative Ministers need to take the time to understand what’s actually happening in the private rented sector or it may end up costing them dearly.” 


*NLA Member Survey May 2019 (1,700 respondents) 


Submitted by 52697 on 21 May 2019 - 3:14pm

Some of us will remember the lease hold reform act prior to 1982. Tenancy before this date gave nil rights to landlords in repossession cases hence the then lack of supply and numerous empty properties. Margaret Thatchers government introduced reforms (todays Housing Act 1988 giving rights back to the landlord. Hence supply rocketed. The latest idea to remove no fault section 21's will be a step back to the dark ages. The government needs to take note. Supply will be adversely affected. No landlord will want to remove a good paying tenant. Wake up government!

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