HMO licensing fees in Lincoln: New fee structure announced

Article Posted -
10 Sep 2018

A new HMO Licensing fee structure in Lincoln has been announced.  The new structure will be in effect for all new and renewal HMO Licence applications received from 10 September 2018.

According to the Council: “The reviewed fees have been calculated with regard to the costs of running the HMO licensing service and when benchmarked against similar local authorities in England, we are mid table”.  

New Fee Structure as from 10 September 2018:

Fee Structure

Fees & Changes

Basic Fee up to 5 persons


6 to 10 persons

Basic Fee + 10%

11 to 15 persons

Basic Fee + 20%

16 to 20 persons

Basic Fee + 30%

For every 5, or part thereof over 20

Additional 10%

Multiple Application Discount on the second and subsequent completed applications (received within 12 months of the date of receipt of a previous successful application, and the fit and proper person check was undertaken for the earlier application)

5% off Basic Fee

Trusted Landlord Scheme Discount (must be accredited on the date of the completed application)

35% off the Basic Fee  

For any further assistance, you can contact the NLA Advice Line on 020 7840 8939, or you can email us at:


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