Haringey Borough Council approves additional licensing

Article Posted -
11 Mar 2019

Haringey Borough Council has approved plans for borough-wide additional licensing to take effect from 27 May 2019 for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). This will affect private landlords letting to three or four people forming two or more households.

Landlords with HMOs housing five or more people forming two or more households already have to hold a mandatory HMO licence, following changes from 1 October 2018 which removed the storey requirement.

The additional licensing fee will cost £1,100 per HMO and will take a split fee approach in line with recent case law. Landlords will face an upfront payment of £500 with the additional £600 being paid before the licence is issued. The council has confirmed that landlords who do make an application before 27 May 2019 will be eligible to a discounted licence fee of £500.

The decision follows a 12-week consultation that took place from the 12 December 2017 to 5 March 2018. The council said that by identifying landlords through issuing licences, they would be able to identify who was responsible for poor property management. Further information about the licensing scheme can be found on the council website.

A summary of the 607 questionnaire responses from the consultation found that 77 percent of private tenants were in favour of additional licensing as were 45 percent of landlords and managing agents.

Despite a hike in rents or potential reduction in housing stock being the most cited reason for not supporting the additional licensing, and 51 percent of landlords confirming that licence fees were unreasonable, 63 percent of private tenants still felt that they were reasonable.

Cllr Emine Ibrahim noted that “This additional HMO licencing scheme will help ensure all HMOs in our borough are safe, well maintained and managed effectively. HMO Landlords will now be required to licence their properties with the Council, and those applying for the licence early will get a discounted fee.”

What you need to do:

Landlords are advised to apply for their licences by 26 May 2019 in order to get the discounted fee of £500.

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