Grenfell Tower inquiry publishes Phase 1 report

Article Posted -
30 Oct 2019

The Grenfell Tower inquiry which was set up in the aftermath of the disaster that resulted in the loss of 72 lives, has published its findings for the first phase of the inquiry. The report emphasises that Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding was clearly the reason why the fire spread so quickly to the whole building.

Sir Martin-Moore Bick, Chair of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry confirmed that Phase 1 had been focused on establishing the specifics of what happened in the early hours of 14 June 2017. This would then help inform Phase 2 which will seek to determine the underlying causes of the disaster. Phase 1 report is divided into six parts which cover:

  • Background to the inquiry and context about the building and the relevant legislation
  • A narrative of the sequence of events after the first alarm had been raised
  • Martin-Moore Bick’s conclusions about the origins and development of the fire and analysis of the responding emergency services
  • Tributes by family and friends of the deceased
  • Recommendations based on evidence provided during Phase 1
  • Matters of concern that will lead the next phase of the inquiry

The report outlines 16 recommendations which range from the use of combustible materials on buildings to the processes relating to evacuation, including responsibilities of building owners and managers to develop plans, and cooperation between emergency services.

More information about Phase 1 of the inquiry can be accessed here.

What you can do

The Government will be responding to the recommendations set out in the report and we will keep you updated with any developments.

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