DWP provides Universal Credit guidance for landlords

Article Posted -
24 Jan 2020

The Department for Works and Pension (DWP) has released guidance for landlords which includes a list of nine tips that would help landlords manage tenants whose rent payments are reliant on Universal Credit (UC). The online guide can be accessed here.

The NLA welcomes the guide as an acknowledgement of the challenges that landlords have faced since the introduction of UC and feels vindicated following repeated efforts in persuading DWP to release easy to understand guidance for the benefit of both landlords and tenants.

The points covered in the guide include:

  • Informing tenants of their rent obligation
  • Applying for an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA)
  • Applying for an advance
  • Extra support for housing benefit claimants
  • Understanding options available across nations in the UK
  • Building a relationship with a Partnership Manager
  • Encouraging tenants to make claims when circumstances change
  • Giving the tenant the necessary documentation to support their claim

DWP had previously released the Housing Queries Routeway and Universal Credit and rented housing guides but they were either generic or failed to focus on the recurring concerns raised by the PRS.

What you can do

Landlords are encouraged to refer to the DWP guidance for ways in which they can manage tenancies that are reliant on UC claims. Members can contact our Advice Line on 020 7840 8939 with portfolio specific queries.

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