Article Posted -
08 Nov 2017

Bournemouth Council has today rejected plans to introduce a landlord licensing scheme in parts of the area.

The scheme, which was initially proposed back in November 2016, planned to tackle antisocial behaviour, crime and poor quality accommodation in the Boscombe East and West, East Cliff and Springbourne by pushing out “bad landlords” through the licensing process.

The council will instead focus efforts to crack down on poor property management and standards through the extension of Operation Galaxy, its targeted proactive enforcement regime.

The National Landlords Association (NLA) had warned that the licensing scheme, if adopted, would merely move problems like antisocial behaviour to other parts of Bournemouth – and that the licensing fee would be passed on to tenants as higher rents.

The NLA has a longstanding relationship with Bournemouth Council in terms of supporting landlord training and accreditation as alternatives to licensing schemes, which helps to better engage the local landlord community and support improvements in the area.

Commenting on the decision, Richard Lambert, CEO at the NLA, said:

“We welcome the Council’s decision to scrap plans to license landlords in parts of Bournemouth and instead extend its proactive enforcement regime - this is precisely what we called for in our response to their consultation.

“The Council already has the powers to tackle rogue landlords and we look forward to working with them as they adopt a targeted approach to enforcing against the rogues who make their tenants' lives a misery, and give the rest of the law-abiding local landlord community a bad name”.