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11 Sep 2017

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Bath & North East Somerset Council has launched a consultation into plans to restrict HMOs in a prescribed area. 

If adopted the article 4 direction will remove permitted development rights from residential property in the areas highlighted in the map below. 



Application for the change of use from a (C3) dwelling house to a (C4) small HMO will be refused if the following criteria are met:  

(1) It would result in any residential property (C3) being 'sandwiched' between two HMOs; or 

(2) (a)The application property is within, or less than 50 metres from, a Census Output Area in which HMO properties represent more than 10 per cent of households; and 

(b) HMO properties represent more than 10 per cent of households within a 100 metre radius of the application property. 

The proposal paper can be read in full here.

In the NLA's judgement this will amount to an de-facto ban on the formation of new shared households in the area and yet more misery for property owners looking to sell. 

Consultation responses are welcomed before 13 October 2017 via the Council's website:  

Alternatively comments maybe emailed to: