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Amateur landlords reach highest ever level

Article Posted - 10th July 2014

The proportion of part-time or ‘amateur'* landlords – those who supplement their day job with rental income – has reached its highest ever level according to research findings** from the leading landlord association.

The National Landlords Association, (NLA) says that part-time landlords now make up more than 70 per cent of the sector. The findings also show that a fifth of these landlords are so encouraged by the current rental market that they intend to add to their property portfolio this year.

A typical part-time landlord has on average four properties and generates an annual gross rental income of £31,000. However, a quarter of this income is spent on property or portfolio related maintenance costs.

More than four in ten of these landlords have used buy-to-let finance to fund their lettings portfolio, and almost 40 per cent of all landlords agree that it's getting easier to access buy-to-let mortgages. These figures reflect the increase in buy-to-let lending last year, up 32 per cent to £20.7 billion.***

However, four in five landlords agree that the market would benefit from more buy-to-let lenders and greater competition.

The NLA has launched new guidance to support the growing number of part-time or amateur landlords who are considering a new investment or planning to expand their portfolio.

Carolyn Uphill, Chairman of the NLA, said:

“Private landlords put an estimated £20bn into providing homes the UK and we know that more and more people are looking to buy-to-let as an alternative means of saving for the future.

“Being a landlord can be very rewarding but it's vital that anyone considering a move in to buy-to-let, or indeed looking to expand their portfolio, is thoroughly researched and aware of what it involves. A part-time landlord typically has a day job so it can be a very challenging task to keep on top of managing and maintaining homes for people whilst juggling the demands of daily life.

“As the leading landlord association we have a duty to ensure that new and prospective investors identify as landlords and know they can rely on us as a source of valuable information and advice. Our new guidance does just that and will provide everything you need to consider when looking for a new investment or expanding your portfolio, as well as tips on how to run your lettings business effectively and profitably”.

The two new guides from the NLA are:

To access the guidance, call 020 7840 8937 or visit


*The National Landlords Association has determined three tiers of landlord:

  1. Professional – Landlords that make a full time living from their property portfolio
  2. Amateur – Landlords who consider their rental income as supplementary to their day job earnings
  3. Accidental – Akin to amateur however accidental landlords may have inherited property or let their ‘home' out due to circumstance (e.g. relocation)

**NLA Quarterly Landlord Panel research – 1092 online respondents

***£20.7billion DCLG/CML

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