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Register property appliances today to protect tenants safety

Article Posted - 1st February 2019

In terms of protecting your tenants' safety, a good landlord needs to bear in mind that registering a property's appliances could be as vital a safety precaution as fitting life-saving smoke alarms. 

Whilst safety recalls on appliances are rare, if a problem arose it would be crucial for you to be contacted quickly, especially if you needed to inform those who are at risk of using the unsafe appliance – your tenants.

And there is no better, or easier way, to get on the manufacturer's radar than to take a few minutes on  to register your tenants' appliances.  

Once registered, if there is ever a safety action, the manufacture would quickly be able to send a qualified engineer to the property to perform a quick fix, rendering the product safe for the rest of its working life. It is one of the simplest ways to protect a tenant's safety.

This January was Register My Appliance Day (24th January) when the domestic appliance industry encouraged the public to engage with this simple safety precaution and register the 170 million large appliances that are relied on every day to handle essential chores, chill food and cook. This year, AMDEA's home safety initiative's fourth year, there was particular focus on older appliances, as only 18% of people surveyed realise that they could register a product at any time after purchase.

Two thirds of appliance-owners were found to have never registered an older model and these are the products that become the most difficult to trace if a safety repair is ever needed, leaving many tenants at risk. It is therefore important for all responsible landlords to know that the majority of leading brands on the Register my Appliance portal (over 60 brands) accept registration of products up to 12 years old.

So, whether you are installing new appliances for your tenants, or they are using ones that have served the property for a while, this year is the time to prioritise your tenant's safety by registering their fridges, freezers and other appliances. It will only take a few minutes and will make it easy for manufacturers to get in touch if there is a problem.


The UK trade association for manufacturers of large and small domestic appliances; representing over 85% of the domestic appliance industry and nearly 90% of white goods brands.  Members' products include most of the UK's top selling brands of major white goods, other large and small kitchen appliances, heating, water heating, floor care, waste disposal and ventilation equipment.

Register My Appliance

The portal was designed by AMDEA to make it quicker and easier for the public to register both new and older appliances, to improve ownership data. It currently provides access to 64 leading brands. By simply clicking on the brand logo the user reaches a data entry form linked directly to the relevant manufacturer, where the vast majority accept. 

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