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NLA in action

Article Posted - 13th September 2019


Were 2019 a regular run of the mill year, with Parliament prorogued ahead of the next Queen's Speech and party conference season weeks away, you could be forgiven for thinking that Westminster would be a serene place full of good-natured expectancy for things to come.

Of course, this is far from a normal year – assuming and hoping that this is not the new normal – and the corridors of power are full of shouty indignation and disagreement. However, very little of that aggravated discourse seems to be in any way related to housing, or more specifically private rented policy.

As a consequence, we have witnessed important matters of the day relegated to mere postscript.

Of course, the Labour Party can always be relied upon to throw out the occasional controversial policy idea to keep the engine ticking over. This time private sector right-to-buy was kicked around by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, giving us the opportunity to respond and point out the short-sightedness of the proposal in the press including coverage in the Independent and Daily Mail.

Labour's ‘Land for the Many' report continued to throw up policies in need of rebuttal in The Telegraph, The Sun, Sun on Sunday, as well as a host of local and trade publications.

All of which led in turn to a slightly odd opportunity to out Mr McDonnell as ‘one of us' in the Mail later the same week.

Away from Labour's proposals, we continue to press ahead with opposition to the Government's desire to abolish Section 21. Including pushing back on the all-too-often heard assertion that S21s are a leading cause of homelessness.

The NLA's policy team has been busy working with members at local meetings, encouraging individuals to respond directly to the Housing Ministry and highlighting effective ways to lobby their local MPs.

To get involved look up your nearest local meeting here:

Or, if you can't make it in person, check out our online resources to help members take part in the S21 consultation.

Still focussed on no-fault possession, we are gearing up for the launch of our latest research report, to be published at the NLA's Conservative Party Conference event on 30 September – more on this closer to publication.

Finally, getting away from the Westminster Government entirely we published guidance ahead of the Welsh Assembly Government's ban on tenant fees here:

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