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NLA in action

Article Posted - 17th January 2020

We may only be halfway through January, but 2020 is looking to be a busy year for the NLA and its successor the NRLA.  

In the last few days the Government has:

Of course, much of the work of government and policy development takes place behind the scenes. In keeping with our commitment to make sure that landlords voices are heard at every stage of this process we held meetings with policy advisers at Number 10 and the Ministry for Housing, Communities, and Local Government about the Government's programme to abolish s21 and provide tenants with lifetime deposits. Needless to say, there will be a lot of challenging debate over the coming months as their plans take shape.  

Work has also begun on the NLA's submission to this Government's first budget statement.  

In addition to calls to reform the taxation of capital gains and stamp duty we also plan to focus on LHA re-alignment, tax incentives for energy efficiency improvements and adaptation of property.  

To help support our budget submission, and add weight to discussions with government we need members to tell us what is concerning them the most, what is impacting your businesses (positively and negatively), and how you are likely to act in the future.  

Therefore, would encourage everyone who can spare the time to complete the NLA quarterly survey. The more landlords tell us their story, the more impactful our representations can be.  

The survey is currently live for a few more days at: NLA quarterly survey please spare a few minutes (it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete) to help the NLA be effective as we can on your behalf.     

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