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National Landlords Association Partners with the Smart Home Expo

Article Posted - 6th March 2019


NLA to partner with the Smart Home Expo

We are delighted to announce our official partnership with the Smart Home Expo, a UK event showcasing the latest smart technologies revolutionising the private rented sector. Catch the Expo at the NEC in Birmingham on 26 & 27 March.

The rise of home technology

The adoption of smart home technologies has been growing exponentially, and within the next few years, the smart home sector is set to become one of the fastest growing markets in the world. From smart meters to voice-activated devices, the near-future will see the way we live dramatically change, and the Smart Home Expo is the place to keep up with this transformation.

Smart home devices are becoming more affordable and sophisticated, and by investing in them, landlords can save money, make a property more appealing, improve the residents' experience and even charge a higher rent. What's more, there's technologies that will benefit both the landlord and tenant, meaning that retrofitting homes with smart tech can see gains for all involved.

The two main areas that smart technologies can help with are energy efficiency and security. Things such as smart light bulbs, thermostats and even plugs will not only bring down the costs of running a property, but also increase its value, as tenants will be prepared to spend more on the rent if they know the property is working hard to save them money on utility bills. 

At the same time, through smart locks, sensors and cameras, landlords can also ensure their investment is protected, especially if the tenant is away on holiday and the property is left empty. Additionally, an integrated smart security system can also make a property more desirable, by making potential tenants and residents feel safer, remain in it for longer, and even give the landlord, once more, the potential to charge a higher rent. 

With promises of greater efficiencies, easier property management and potentially higher returns, there's no doubt that smart home technology is transforming the renting market. At the Smart Home Expo you'll discover 200 world-class suppliers and 150 seminars by the industry's leading experts, allowing you not only show the latest tech, but understand the best ways to install it and make the most of it. 

What's more, the Smart Home Expo is completely free to attend, so we highly recommend that you register for a FREE ticket at We'll see you there!  

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