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5 March Thought Leadership Event: A roundup

Article Posted - 11th March 2019

Last week, landlords from all over the country joined us in Westminster for an evening of discussion on the benefits of the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

The event was designed to tackle the perception that landlords are 'social parasites' and explore how they play a positive, socially conscious, role in society at the same time as running a profitable business.

Moderated by the Evening Standard's ‘Accidental Landlord', Victoria Whitlock, the panel included Richard Lambert, CEO of the National Landlords Association (NLA), Timothy Douglas, Senior Policy and Campaigns Officer at ARLA, and Chris Wood, Head of Policy at Shelter.

During the evening, the panellists sank their teeth into some of the toughest questions about the PRS: what role does, or should, the sector play? Does the country really need private landlords, and what would the effect be if they all simply disappeared?

The debate reached a consensus on the invaluable contribution the PRS makes to life in the UK, both financially and socially. All panel members agreed that the solution to the UK's housing crisis can only be achieved through the building of more social housing.

In the Q&A that followed, attendees seized the chance to have their say about the state of the PRS and the treatment of landlords. NLA members took the opportunity to declare their professionalism and re-assert their law-abiding nature.

Understandably, many were angry and upset that these facts are too often overlooked in the media attacks on them, which focus on the minority who break the law. As one member put it to the panel, ‘There's no such thing as a “rogue landlord” – you're a criminal or you're a landlord and that's all there is to it!'

Likewise, many landlords expressed a deep-seated belief that the Government is no longer on their side, as seen in the ever-increasing restrictive regulation placed on landlords.

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If you missed our livestream, you can watch the discussion here.  

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