I joined the NLA for three main reasons. Firstly, access to expertise, in particular a helpline managed by knowledgeable, experienced people. Secondly, notwithstanding using a very good agent, I like to be up to date with legal requirements and good practice and be exposed to, and perhaps learn from, the experience of others. The magazine and emails nicely fulfil that role. Thirdly, it’s an organisation that can represent landlords’ views, and project and protect our interests at the highest level in the UK.

Alan Phillips

The most rewarding aspect of being a landlord is getting a sense of achievement in providing an essential service to people and developing skills both practical and intellectual to maximise returns on our property. The NLA has helped us a lot, in achieving this.Knowing that NLA is there to support us and represent the landlords’ position at senior levels in government means a lot to us.

Dave and Abi Knight

Being a member of the NLA and adhering to its rules gives recognition to every responsible landlord. From my perspective, membership with all its benefits, such as information, professional advice, discounts offered from NLA partners is priceless as it is. On top of this, with the three year membership you get a discount from the membership fee!

Vess Stanev

I joined the NLA because I felt I needed more support and information than I had been getting. I needed good solid advice, an online service I could rely on with experienced people at the hub that I could communicate with and obtain a same-day response.

Julia Horton

I joined NLA to enhance my credibility as a landlord. It’s also useful to meet other members and keep up-to-date with the latest information and legislation.

The services are useful, especially with discounted members’ rates.

David Fulcher

The benefits of being a 5-year NLA member are that we belong to an organisation completely dedicated to our profession and as such know the laws and legislation that go along with it. The website has a wealth of information and forms and the NLA’s telephone helpline has been completely invaluable to us. The advisors are always clear, concise and non judgemental – brilliant! The NLA is more than an information service, it is peace of mind.

Lee Nankervis

We are NLA Members because it’s good to belong to an organisation that supports landlords and lobbies Government on our behalf. For us, the main benefits are the Telephone Advice Line which is great for advice and support, the products such as NLA Tenant Check and the various NLA forms. I use the website for news, discounted products, landlord related courses and general information. NLA meetings provide a great opportunity to network and find out any new information and our NLA Representative is very supportive.

Hasmita Reardon

I joined the NLA to give my tenants the knowledge that I was a member of a national organisation and to give me back up if I need help and advice. Being a member of the NLA has given me credibility with my tenants as well as a wealth of experience and information that would have been difficult to achieve on my own.

Jim Pendrigh

I decided to join the NLA on a 5 year Business Membership, safe in the knowledge that the business will benefit from complementary Tax Investigation Insurance. All individuals will have their own unique Membership Number and Security Code, so they can use all of the NLA’s services in their own right and each individual is able to achieve NLA Accredited Status as a landlord.

Sunil Popat