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Increasing competition, loss of rental income and problem tenants are just some of the issues which you could be facing as a landlord. It is not easy to keep abreast of the ever changing regulations and political posturing which can have enormous bearing on your ability to run a profitable lettings business. That is why the NLA offers you access to a range of benefits and services with comprehensive representation on a wide range of local, national and international levels – to help you deal with landlord related matters and ensure landlords’ voices are heard wherever their interests are threatened.

Top of our members’ list of priorities in 2017 and beyond are:

  • Lobbying the Treasury to reverse their anti-landlord policy of restricting finance costs relief. Add your voice here:
  • Holding local councils to account when they propose costly and ineffective landlord licensing schemes.
  • Campaining to ensure rent control remains a thing of the past and the legal system recognises landlords’ legitimate need to end disruptive tenancies.
  • Highlighting the damage done to landlords’ portfolios by ill-thought out welfare reforms which fail to recognise the cost of providing homes.


We are committed to supporting and protecting the interests of our members ranging from full-time landlords with large property portfolios to those with houses of multiple occupancy and those with just a single property.

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We represent members' views and interests at local, national and European level. We work to influence policy making through government, parliamentarians, regulators and other interest bodies to ensure a fair and balanced private rented sector. Your membership and participation in NLA Campaigns can help us represent a more powerful collective voice to the government.

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Full Members benefit from FREE Tax Investigation Insurance worth £100+. Our savings table reveal that Full Members receive discounts far greater than the cost of membership.

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