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Business Membership is for the landlord that is probably managing a larger property portfolio and has set-up as a formal business to manage their financial affairs. He or she might employ staff outside of the family. Business Membership will allow up-to 5 individuals to benefit from FULL Individual membership in their own right^.

It is the business (and not the individual) that is the member but it is the business AND the individuals linked to that business that benefit from our complimentary Tax Investigation Insurance. Each Individual will have a unique Membership Number and Security Code, so they can use all of our services in their own right^. They can also contact our Telephone Advice Line to deal with any landlord related matters.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) routinely check tax returns. Landlords are obvious targets. They may also decide to conduct an extensive examination of all areas of your tax affairs including an in-depth review of your tax return records. These enquiries take time and money to sort out. Tax Investigation Insurance is designed to remove any burden or worry should you be subject to an investigation. The policy indemnifies you for professional costs whilst you are being represented. Tax investigation Insurance cover can cost between £100 and £300, but for Individual, Family and Business members it’s free.


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Membership Option By Direct Debit By Card Subscription * Savings Subscribe
1 year Yes (Annual) No £174 £10 Join Now
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*Membership fee has usually been allowed as tax deductible against letting income

^UKL Magazine (print version) is received by the main account holder only. Online version of the magazine is available to the main and sub account holders. Letting agents who join the NLA do not have access to mydeposits agent membership discounts.