What is it?

The London Rental Standard, launched by the Mayor of London in May 2014, sets the standard in London rental properties. The LRS is a voluntary set of standards that the London Mayor expects from landlords, managing and letting agents operating in London’s private rented sector. 

The NLA is proud to support the Mayor’s vision of accrediting landlords in London and has worked closely with the Mayor’s office in developing the London Rental Standard (LRS) which we hope will drive improvements in property standards in the capital. Please see Greater London Authority for more details regarding the Mayor's standard.

Why sign up?

By signing up, you will be part of the Mayor’s campaign to promote good standards in London’s private rental market. You will stand out as a good landlord and you can choose letting agents that have done the same. The Mayor is working with a range of partners to offer accredited landlords discounts on goods and services as a thank you for doing the right thing.

The NLA also provides access to a range of exclusive discounts and benefits to its members and accredited landlords.

For details on NLA membership benefits click here and for details on NLA Accreditation Scheme click here. As an accredited landlord you can choose to appear in our National Register of Accredited Landlords.

Top 5 benefits of becoming accredited blog.

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How do I apply?

To gain the London Rental Standard Badge all landlords or agents need to complete and sign up to an accreditation scheme like the NLA and UKALA as we are a license provider to the Mayor’s scheme:

All currently accredited NLA members who let or manage property in London are eligible to apply for the LRS Badge, to apply please contact: accreditation@landlords.org.uk with your membership number, name and with the title in your email of “application for the LRS.” Your accreditation will be checked to make sure it is live and then information will be emailed to you with details of how to display the logo.

For newly accredited members that have conducted our accreditation either face to face or online will be entitled to receive the Mayor’s badge along with our own accredited logo. To ensure that we know that you are a landlord or managing property in London please mark your scheme rules on a course with “London” or “applying for the LRS” so that we can send you the details you need to display the logo. Or if you have completed all of the “CORE” subjects marked in red on the online library send your completed scheme rules to: accreditation@landlords.org.uk with your membership number, name and with the title in your email of “application for the LRS.”

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