Requesting NLA Courses

Requesting NLA Courses

We’re always delighted to organise a course at the request of a local authority. With your assistance in promoting the course and providing a venue, together we can continue to encourage landlords to follow best practice and earn their NLA Accreditation.


NLA offers a range of conventional one-day and half-day courses for both new and existing landlords.

Our most popular course is the NLA Foundation course, which outlines everything a landlord needs to know about a tenancy – from start to finish. This includes practical help, as well as outlining their rights and responsibilities as landlords.

Other Accreditation Schemes

Attending the NLA Foundation Course also offers landlords access to several other accreditation schemes around the UK. For example, it provides access to the Rent Smart Wales, as the NLA are an approved training provider for the Rent Smart Wales scheme.

Normally, landlords would book and pay for their places on our website, but some local authorities choose to fund places for landlords in their area – these supply of training quotations or tenders are available on request.

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Or, to find out more and discuss your options, you can contact our team by calling 0207 840 8900 or by email.