Offer NLA Full Membership as an incentive

Reward landlords for participating in your latest initiative

Some local authorities offer full NLA membership free to landlords as an incentive to join one of their initiatives. For example: their private sector leasing scheme or their own accreditation scheme.

There are several pricing options, but the most popular choice for new members is a 1 year individual membership which costs £99 (one-off joining fee of £14 plus £85 annual subscription).

The NLA Gateway now has a facility where local authority staff can enter one or multiple landlords’ details and opt to give them full NLA membership. We then automatically bill the authority at the end of the calendar month.

Because of the reduced administration, we are pleased to say we do not need to charge the £14 joining fee, so we will only bill you for the £85 subscription per landlord. You can also use your unique Gateway URL to recommend landlords join NLA directly full paying member.

If you have misplaced your URL call 020 7840 8911. Click here for an overview of the benefits of different membership categories. If you’d like to learn more about this, please contact on 020 7840 8911 or by email.